What you hear and what you think you hear

By Gerre Joiner | Published Saturday, September 1, 2012

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On some days, we have high drama at the coffee shop.

Gerre Joiner

Recently, I was seated across the table from one of my friends. I noticed that he didn’t look like he felt well. Something about his eyes made him look uncomfortable. I asked if he felt well, and he waved me off with, “Oh, I’m feeling fine.”

The next day, he was back … looking worse than the day before. I wasn’t there to observe, but almost everyone in the coffee shop agreed that our friend didn’t look well. Finally, one of the more outspoken guys said, “You look like you’re having a stroke!”

He said it loudly enough to be heard all over the building. My friend started walking to his truck. But one of the “regulars” – a law enforcement officer – followed my sick friend out the door and said, “Get in my car. I’m taking you to the hospital.”

He did. The trooper had a gun.

The day was spent at the hospital doing test after test and waiting for the results of test after test. At some point in the day, one side of his face began to sag a bit.

(Before finishing this story, I need to report that all is well. Everyone is well. My friend’s back at the coffee shop … telling stories and arguing with his coffee shop friends.)

Finally the doctor came in and gathered the family in the room where my friend was resting in a hospital bed. He began, “We’ve done lots of tests. We know you didn’t have a stroke or a heart attack. Looks like Bell’s Palsy.”

My friend sat up in the bed and exclaimed, “Burial policy!?!”

Now, that story’s better than something you could make up!

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