The long and short of it

By Gerre Joiner | Published Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Let’s begin our coffee shop story by describing Jack. He’s short.

He’s been called midget and pygmy. Other terms have been used that would have made nearly anyone mad, but my short friend’s temperament can stand a little abuse. Jack is usually the first person in the room to make an observation … about almost everything.

Now, let’s describe Michelle. On her first day as a Decatur Whataburger employee, everyone in the place noted that she was not a small girl. We’re not talking about an overweight person. We’re talking about a very personable lady who truly looks like she could play ball for any women’s basketball team in the country.

Michelle was walking by our table. Jack looked up and said, “Have you played a lot of basketball?” Without pause, Michelle asked, “Have you played a lot of miniature golf?”

Michelle worked at a restaurant near Western Center for several months. She’s back now. All the guys are glad she’s back … especially the short guy with the putter.

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