Square Talk for Wednesday, September 5, 2012

By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Did you watch any of the Republican National Convention? Do you feel better or worse now about Mitt Romney?

“Better. I feel like I know him more on a personal level, and he seems more approachable now than before. It told all about his family and just the type of person he is.”

– Dotie Lindley, of Millsap

“I still don’t trust the guy. He’s a politician. Do you want a rattlesnake or a copperhead?”

– Dorinda Goodwin, of Garner

“I didn’t watch it, but I’m voting for Mitt Romney no matter what … It can take a long time to talk about what Obama has done wrong. The economy and everything else is horrible. I know my business is real bad this year, and it was last year, too. It’s just the way it is, and it’s not gonna change until we get him outta there.”

– Dale Pierce, of Rhome

“I didn’t get to watch it either, but I’m definitely with the Republican Party. It hasn’t been very good the past four years. We need a change of pace.”

– Ty Pierce, of Fort Worth

4 Responses to “Square Talk for Wednesday, September 5, 2012”

  1. Yes I did watch some of it. Amazing you can cram that many people in a bubble and not use up all the oxygen at once. On the other hand maybe there was no oxygen to start with. I actually enjoyed some the speeches, some of the best off the cuff fiction I heard in a long time. And when the camera panned the crowd, what did i see a bunch of old, white, angry men and women saying no, no no! It’s easy to govern when your one posistion is no. Not imagination needed or wanted here. Republican has run this script before, in 1980, 84, 88, 92, 96 bla bla bla. And what has it gotten us, I checked back on my 401K, the big thing some Republicans want to replace Social Security with completely or some form of it. I had it for more years then I can remember and I beginning to clearly see how close to the cliff we came in 2008. My 401k was down nearly half! I nursed it, watched it like a hawk, moved funds around and at times just put cash away, but after 4 year I can truely answered, after 4 years am I better off then I was before Obama, and I can honestly answer YES! Again my 401K has more money in it then I have contributed. Imagine what i would have today if we had fallen or even worse jumped off this cliff. The Tea Party are the jumpers, and well account of a good education starting in Alta Vista Elementary in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to University of Wyoming, to McCook Community College and even North Texas University, with my well learned Critical Skill thinking developed at these institutions, I could see that the RNC was the greatest collection of a few controling the unknowing that has ever gathered in one single building! If Horse Puckies were gold, then the RNC was priceless

  2. I felt good before. Yes, I feel better now. And after what I have watched of the DNC, I feel great. It amazes me how the leadership can take an obvious 50/50 vote on the floor (if that) and turn it into a 3/4 yes vote. The Dems are not only hoodwinking the country, they are cold shouldering their own people. The vote went the way it should, but it wasn’t a representation of the party’s beliefs.

  3. There was no cold shouldering on the convention floor. There was a debate, discussion and a vote. I would have called for a Division of the House but that takes a lot of time and there was much to do. I wonder if you been to a real political convention. it contentious at times but things get done. As to the cold shouldering, naw, but what I have seen from the New Republican Party, backed up by the Tea Stainers is a purge of all the respectable Republicans who want cooperation in solving problems, purging of the voting rolls just to eliminate anyone with a ” Hispanic Surname ” and voter suppression on a mass scale across this country. True Patriots? Killing the dreams and aspirations of millions of people is not Patriotic, it self defeating and destructive

  4. Tracy Smith says:

    Even out of the Country, I watched the RNC. Strange how the world view is in comparison to those here in the US. They think those who don’t support Barrack Obama over Mitt Romney are ignorant. The Republicans Approach to this election, (Vote for me because I’m not Barrack Obama), won’t make those of us who really care about our futures want to vote for Republicans. They might have done enough to stir their base, but certainly didn’t do enough for the undecided voters to vote for Romney.


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