Square Talk for Wednesday, September 26, 2012

By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We asked people on the Square if cancer had ever affected them or someone in their life.

“Our dear friend in Bowie, Darla Weaver. She had breast cancer and died last December. She had lots and lots and lots of friends. Just rely on your friends for everything. Lots of hope and prayer.”

– Danna Davis, 53, of Bowie

“My mother had melanoma. She died six years ago. I had a friend affected by breast cancer recently. She’s a survivor, I’m proud to say. It affects everyone … You just support the person. Luckily with my mother it was diagnosed early. It was incurable, but it was diagnosed quickly enough we could devote more time with her with the time she had left. The doctors here provided treatments that gave us another year with her and kept her in as good a shape as possible.”

– Kevin Burns, 51, of Decatur

“I can think of one very quickly, Stephen Wren. He was diagnosed with breast cancer but is now doing great. He’s one of our judges. There’s a great story there, how he’s turned things around … My father had cancer. I don’t think any family, nowadays, is not affected by cancer. Someone you love or know, mom or dad, brother or sister, it reaches all of us.”

– Mike Simpson, 61, of Bridgeport

“A support system is the most important. You need people you can rely on. I lost a sister to brain cancer. You have to watch them fight it every day and hope for the best. We pulled together as a family unit. We were there. We were supportive – anything she needed, any time of day. It’s hard to watch someone go through that, but she fought it. The doctor gave her a year, and she made it six years. The cancer took its toll, but she wasn’t going to give up. And that’s because of the support she had in her family … Not a day goes by we don’t think about her.”

– Shelly Wilson, 49, of Bowie

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  1. My dad, Patrick J Randolph died of prostate cancer several years ago. He was a good father, good, caring business man, tough but compassionate boss, loved to play golf on his one day a week off, and worked for the same company for more then 30 years until the cancer would not allow him to work. Our family misses him greatly and wishes we could share our joy and happiness with him today. It’s though his lessons on life that we are what we are today, Doctors, Engineers, Managers.

    Charles Randolph, 56, Boyd


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