Memories are made of this?

By Jimmy Alford | Published Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Jimmy Alford

I have and haven’t been looking forward to 2013. I’m always happy to see another year, but this year brings back a flood of memories.

It’s time for the dreaded class reunion.

For those of you who have seen class reunions come and go, let me say this will be my first (if my class even has one – I have no idea if anyone is even planning the event).

I don’t care much, but I have been thinking about it – what those people are like, and what I’ve done over the past 10 years. All this led to some Facebook stalking a few nights ago. I realize how little I have in common with many of my classmates.

I have no kids. That’s the big one. Seems like everyone I looked up had at least one. Marriage hasn’t happened for all of them, and some are divorced already. I’m engaged, but haven’t been married. I also don’t live in Pittsburg, Texas, anymore. I couldn’t believe how many of them still live in our hometown.

What would I have to say to all these folks I have so little in common with? Is there anything I really want to say? I didn’t enjoy a lot about high school, nor about many of the people there. For a long time, I held a lot of resentment.

But I’ve let all that go. I’ve been thinking more about the fun times. I choose to be happy, which makes me wonder why I would ever want to go to a class reunion. Wouldn’t it just remind me of all the embarrassment, the harassment, the teasing and my low self-esteem of that time?

I guess I could just shrug it off and say we were all kids. While it shaped me then, it has little to do with my life now.

That’s hard, though. It’s hard being bigger than the problems in your memories.

I figure I’ll go, if there is a reunion. I’ll be sociable and won’t bring up hard feelings. What good would it do? It’s not like they can take any of it back.

Most of them probably don’t even remember. I’m still working on that.

Jimmy Alford is a Messenger reporter.

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