Decatur’s regulations could use a lot more ‘user-friendly’

By Roy J. Eaton | Published Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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One Response to “Decatur’s regulations could use a lot more ‘user-friendly’”

  1. ^sigh* Oh to have our old Decatur back. The Decatur where mom and pop small businesses flourished. A Decatur where there are no buildings taller than 2-3 stories. No unsightly hotels, no (or at least very few) chain fast food joints. Where people personally knew the P&Z commission, as it were, and there was a mutual respect and accountability between both sides. It’s amazing to see the trashiness that is so prevalent around town as I drive around, and be able to believe that building inspectors, zoning committees, etc. actually exist. Where are you Decatur of years gone by? Truthfully, it would be impossible for you to ever return.


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