Son saves mom’s life

By Brandon Evans | Published Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Eleven-year-old Grayson Moore was born blue.

The fifth grader at Seven Hills Elementary wasn’t expected to survive long after being deprived of oxygen during his birth.

“He was born three weeks early, and they didn’t give us much hope,” said his mother Milissa Moore. “He was blue. He had to go into intensive care at Harris Methodist for three weeks.”

LIFESAVING ACTION – Milissa Moore of Newark hugs her son, Grayson. The 11-year-old recently helped save his mom’s life when she went into a series of seizures outside their home. Messenger photo by Brandon Evans

But there was something special about Grayson. Despite being born three weeks pre-mature, he already weighed 9 1/2 pounds. His father Scott and his mom stayed night and day at the hospital until Grayson stabilized.

“He’s meant to be here,” Milissa said. “He has a purpose.”

Earlier this month, Grayson proved at least part of his purpose when he helped save his mother’s life.

“My mom went outside to take out the trash,” said Grayson. “I was asleep in the living room. But I woke up after I heard a noise outside.”

Milissa was in the grip of violent seizures. She’d fallen near the front steps of her home in Newark. Her head was heaving uncontrollably up and down onto the wooden surface near the steps. While some people might have been too scared or shocked to act, Grayson reacted with certainty and purpose.

“The first thing I did was roll her onto the grass because it was a softer surface,” Grayson said. “I then brought her a pillow to put under her head and a blanket because it was cold, and I called my dad.”

His father, who was working the late shift, called 911 and rushed home. In the meantime, Grayson continued to remain calm and care for his mother.

“He kept count of how many seizures she had, so he could tell that to the medics and firefighters when they arrived,” Scott said.

Moments later, members of the Newark Volunteer Fire Department and Wise County medics arrived on the scene.

“They said everything he did was textbook,” Scott said.

They transported Milissa to Wise Regional Health System in Decatur where they were able to stabilize her.

Milissa was diagnosed with epilepsy about a year ago after a traffic accident left her brain damaged. Her life has permanently changed. Her frequency of seizures makes normal life difficult. It has altered a lot of her behaviors, including sleep patterns and memory.

“A dog ran in front of me, and I swerved to miss him,” Milissa said. “I ran into a light pole.”

Her seat belt was on, but her airbag failed to deploy and her head hammered against the steering wheel.

“When I got to her after the accident, she was crying,” Scott said. “She said next time she will ‘hit the darn dog.'”

While she has tried to cope with epilepsy, her sons Grayson and Hayden, 7, have learned a lot about how to care for people who have seizures.

“He’s seen and learned a lot,” Milissa said. “He’s an amazing kid. For an 11-year-old to keep so calm – it was awesome.”

Grayson hopes to one day be a doctor or scientist and maybe help people who suffer from seizures like his mom does.

“If anybody can learn anything from this I hope parents just make sure they tell their kids how to react when somebody needs help,” Scott said. “Grayson did everything we told him to do.”

Thanks to Grayson’s calm under fire, his family enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Its good to read stories like this instead of the murders, death, and other tragic events that have surrounded Wise county lately. Good job Grayson!


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