School grapples with ailing sewage system

By Jimmy Alford | Published Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Paradise ISD trustees were confronted with a foul situation at Monday’s school board meeting. The district’s wastewater treatment plants are partially down and repairs won’t be completed for another month.

Superintendent Monty Chapman said the district’s sewage treatment plants have incurred mechanical issues caused by volume and capacity limitations. The district has two 15,000-gallon wastewater treatment plants, with one currently down for maintenance.

While the systems aren’t completely down, the decrease in service has forced the district to pay to have waste solids trucked away for disposal in Glen Rose.

“I guess one plant being 26 years old and the other being 13 years old, we are going to have some mechanical issues,” Chapman said. “But that leads to looking down the road to what we need to do.”

Chapman said the board will eventually have to discuss a bond issue. The district had hoped to tie into the city’s sewer system, but that may not happen for quite some time as the city is looking at its water system and putting wastewater on the back burner, said Chapman.

Future improvements could include a new 50,000 plant to replace the oldest part of the system. That, couplef with new filters that will be required, could cost $1 million, which the district would have to raise.

At its Dec. 17 meeting, the board is slated to discuss bringing in engineers to assess the situation.

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