Raid leads to multiple drug arrests

By Brandon Evans | Published Saturday, January 28, 2012

A warrant search on a house in Chico Tuesday led to two arrests for drug possession and helped set up a sting operation for Thursday on an alleged meth dealer out of Haltom City.


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One Response to “Raid leads to multiple drug arrests”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Could it possibly be our laws are wrong? Could it possibly be those with self serving bigoted agendas have manipulated “ drugs “ in to employment, political gains and fund raising opportunities? Such as politicians getting re-elected, lawyers, judges, da’s, probation officers, police officers, bail bondsmen, jails, prisons, rehabilitation centers, u. a. testing, etc.. Drugs are truly a money maker for “ BOTH “ the supposed bad guys and those that feed their families off the misery of others! Sadly “ both “ sides of this war are sacrificing with their lives, AND FOR WHAT???

    Answer this question for me, please:

    How is it we keep hearing of these ”large drug bust” if we have been on the right path for the last 40+ years, should not the number and size of these bust being going down, “not “ up story after story and year after year?

    How much time, tax payer money and resources went in to this bust? How many tax dollars will be spent for court appointed lawyers, or to house and for healthcare for these people? How many tax dollars will be spent taking care of their families while they are in prison? How many “victims or violence” was caused by this bunch of idiots?

    Take away the “excuse” of drugs, from the good guys and the bad guys! Hold people accountable for their actions that harm others, PERIOD! If they are a theif, then don’t let them say drugs made them do it! Don’t let our public servants violate homes and people using drugs as the excuse!

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!


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