Life minus one; Mom copes with guilt after son’s suicide

By Brandon Evans | Published Saturday, December 8, 2012


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2 Responses to “Life minus one; Mom copes with guilt after son’s suicide”

  1. As much as my heart goes out to Ms French for the loss of her son, am I the only one that noticed she admitted to texting a couple of times while she was driving home? If she did it then, that would indicate that she does it all the time, and the quote, experts, unquote says that is worse than DWI’s. Has Texas made it illegal to TWI? I know some states have because of it being so dangerous. Again I’m really sorry for her loss.

  2. I know both his mom and his sister, when I got the txt from a friend my heart dropped. I didn’t know what to do,think,or say! Tanner was always the little brother.messing up our slumber party after a little.bucks game! A great young man! His family loves him very much!

    As for the comment from Betty645…most cell phones now have a speaker option which allows you to speak without touching your phone and you can txt anyone in your phone. She didn’t have to be texting with her fingers! Saddens me to see that u missed the.entire.point of the article!

    Darla and Mad…you two are very strong women. Keep your heads up! Love y’all


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