‘Drugs are bad, but the war is worse’

By Bob Buckel | Published Saturday, November 10, 2012


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  1. Great article Bob. I was gonna type up a comment here, but it grew long enough for a new letter…

  2. Rusty White says:


    Excellent article, one correction I was a sniper on the weapons team for the department of corrections not a police department. I will respond to this after I get off work today!

    Thanks for the honesty from everyone!


  3. Great article and I agree that the drug war causes a sub culture.I hate to see us funding all those cartels in Mexico and being responsible for all the lives lost over marijuana being illegal.

  4. Rusty White says:

    Brother Sheriff Walker, first off thank you for your service to our community and for having the courage and honesty to step forward. Many of your comments mirrored my own years ago, meaning no disrespect or attack I would like to responded to some of them. At the same time I would like to invite everyone to were people can find documented facts that dispel many of the common merit less beliefs still held by many today.

    1. is also quite sure that drug use is damaging, both to individuals and to society.

    You would be correct for a minority of people, but the facts do not support this position when it comes to the majority.

    2. Get addicted to meth, and your chances of living past 40 are pretty slim,” he says.

    Do you wave some documented evidence to support this position?How is it the school teacher in Springton who just admitted to over 7 years of daily use does not look like the picture paraded as the meth users in all the county office building?

    3. “If you see marijuana use, you’re going to see people move on to other drugs. It’s a catalyst to get stuff going.”

    There again the facts do not support this position there were and are “millions” who never wanted to go beyond pot and still don’t want to. “”But”” our laws have forced people young and old away from a plant that has “never” in the recorded history of this planet ever killed anyone from an overdose, NEVER! How you ask, remember a couple of years ago we lost 22 kids to “Cheese” a mixture of Tylenol and Heroin the kids know that pot can stay in your system up to 90 days depending on your body weight and usage. They also know that “hard drugs” are out of your system in “72 hours”, so they moved away from something that wouldn’t kill them to things that are “”all”’ in direct response to our laws and enforcement!

    4. “Drug use leads to drug addiction,

    There again, for a minority not the majority.

    5. then you’ve got a thief, a burglar, a robber to support their habit.

    Could it be the “life time” recorded and lack of ability to get meaningful employment that “helped” them make these choices?

    6. Probably about 80 to 85 percent of our arrests are drug-related.”

    There again, do you not see our policies and laws help create this situation?

    7. “A lot of times, you catch somebody on a traffic stop with the butt of a roach,” he says. “Do you really want to put them in jail? No. You write them a ticket for possession of paraphernalia and send them on their way.

    With this new age of computers can I get you to post how many tickets in the last 12 months were issued instead of arrest for simply possession or perihelia ?

    8.“But if you also see a bag of meth and $40,000 cash, or 4 or 5 pounds of marijuana, well, that’s not personal use. They’re in business, and that $40,000 is forfeited and they’re in jail.”

    So there guilty until proven innocent of having American currency because of having drugs at the same time? How many times is this just hundreds or a couple of thousand with far less amounts of drugs, and who get the booty from this treasure hunt?

    9. Walker says Wise County tries to make the best use of its funds, and use them to “go after the big stuff” and not the small-time criminals.

    I would like to believe this except for when the first day the new jail opened as with the ever growing number of people saying they were arrested for small amounts or just perihelia . There was a 54 person “round up” and a promise of over 50 more to come. Homes were violated and infants from the elderly were terrorized and put in life and death situations in this round up, were there not!

    If there was a need for “no knock” warrants while putting our officers and citizens from the infants to the elderly lives in danger by using swat teams, DPS and all others because these “criminals” were so dangerous. Why were they left out in our community some for over years? If these people were so dangerous as to justify this need for force and manpower how is it the public was left in harms way, just for a dog and pony show to attempt to justify the new jail?

    In one of my presentation an officer stated that the “majority” of those arrested during this “round up” were not put in jail, were they not the “big stuff“ or small time criminals?

    I also invite everyone to to see the real harm and death being caused in the name of these forfeiture policies and unwarranted use of force.

    Once again thank you for stepping forward, none of my response were meant to attack or insult you, we just need some honest answer. Stay safe out there!

    I’ll respond more tomorrow, thanks to everyone for stepping forward!

  5. Rusty White says:

    To One and all,

    Sorry for such a long reply to Brother Walker, after reading it again this morning for those who don’t know me and my passion for this issue the reply looks a little aggressive. That was not my intention, but the questions asked are real and need answers. Now that many of you have seen my lack of skills as a writer you know why I am a speaker for and not a writer.:) In the future I’ll try and just pick two or three questions and if need be make several posts instead of one long one.

    Brother Walker and our Brothers and Sister in Law Enforcement as a whole are honest men and women attempting to do a job few can do. But we the citizens can no longer support policies, punishment, tactics and enforcement that create this never ending circle. When our policies enforcement do as much harm as the things we are trying to stop “everybody” loses!

    While both Sheriff Walker and Mr. Green and I as well, agree that most people believe what people do in their own homes is nobodies business. “But”, until we create laws that provide these things in a legal and controlled manner, how realistic and honest is this belief? Are we to believe the “pot fairy” is going to deliver to every ones home? Are we to believe those that grow it will not want compensations from those to scared or those that can’t?

    What message are we sending when those using hard drugs “legal and illegal” can get and keep jobs for years. While those who use a plant that has “never” taken a life and is less a threat than alcohol and legal and illegal drugs combined, are the number one arrest in this country? When our policies are teaching our young to become subjugated and that it is acceptable to have ones freedoms and liberties violate, without just cause? When our policies force young and old away from a safe plant to things that are addictive and are killing them, how is this a good thing?

    The bottom line is we as a Nation and a people must return to respecting individual freedoms and the choices that go with these freedoms. We must hold people accountable for their “actions” that harm others, not their personal and private choices! We must stop giving people who have no victims or violence in their supposed crime “life time” criminal records, which forces them in to no other option than a life of crime!

    There will always be those that make bad choices and some that are just plain stupid, “but” we can not gauge and punish “all” for the ignorance and poor choices of a few ,can we?

    At the very least I believe we can all agree, we the tax payers and parents can no longer support policies that can not be supported using only reality, facts and common sense, no matter how well meaning!

    I invite everyone to there you will find Brothers and Sisters and documented evidence that can explain this issue in writing far better than I can.

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!


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