Burglary-shooting story full of holes

By Bob Buckel | Published Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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With those words, Wise County Sheriff David Walker announced Tuesday that the shooting portion of a reported break-in and shooting last Thursday didn’t happen exactly as reported.

David Rigsbee, 22, called 911 last Thursday morning from his home in the New Fairview area, saying he had surprised a pair of burglars when he came home, and they shot him in the left arm. Rigsbee told deputies a black male and a Hispanic male were in his house apparently attempting to steal guns, and used one of them on him.

Rigsbee was treated at Texas Health Fort Worth Hospital for a gunshot wound.

Monday, he admitted the gunshot was self-inflicted.

“We started comparing his story to the evidence from the scene,” Sheriff Walker said. “We called him back in yesterday, and he was re-interviewed and confronted with evidence that contradicted what we found at the scene.”

Walker said Rigsbee admitted he shot himself, shot more holes in the walls, then arranged the crime scene as investigators found it.

He still maintains, however, that he did come upon two men in his house committing a burglary.

“We want the public to know there could have been a burglary there but not a burglary where somebody picked up a gun and shot the homeowner,” Walker said.

Further investigation may disprove the burglary story altogether, he noted.

“We’ve been able to discount quite a few portions of his story,” Walker said. “In the event we discount the last of his story, we will look at our options.”

Sheriff Walker said Rigsbee could be charged with filing a false report. If that charge is filed, Rigsbee will be asked to reimburse the county for the costs incurred in the investigation, manhunt and medical services.

“They’re going to continue to work with him,” he said. “We have about 54 man-hours in this case at various rates – investigators, patrolmen, crime scene investigators, administrative people, EMS – that’s a lot of county money expended.”

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