Brick removal concerns parent

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, November 10, 2012

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A section of sidewalk and walkway in front of Decatur’s McCarroll Middle School was replaced this week, but at least one parent is concerned about something that disappeared.

About 150 to 200 engraved bricks were removed during the construction process. The bricks had been sold as a class fundraiser years ago when the building was still the high school.

FIXING THE SITUATION – The sidewalk in front of the northeast entrance to Decatur’s McCarroll Middle School was replaced this week, and the bricks that were damaged and removed will be replaced, the superintendent says. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Kendra Schuring is one of those parents who bought bricks and had them engraved with the names of her two children, who were very young at the time.

“Over the years we’d stop and look for their names on the bricks,” Schuring said.

But when she drove by on Wednesday, she became concerned when she saw construction crews removing the old sidewalk. She called the school and was assured that the new sidewalk was going in around the bricks.

When she drove back by the school later in the day, however, she saw the bricks being removed and loaded into a dump truck.

“They said it was too much trouble to save the bricks,” Schuring said of the reply she got from the crew on the scene. “I said, ‘My husband has a construction firm, and he could have come out and cut them out in 30 minutes.'”

Superintendent Rod Townsend said the original plan was to leave the bricks in place.

“They were set in concrete, so they somehow got messed up” during the sidewalk removal process, Townsend said.

The school took photos of every brick in order to replace them.

“They will be replaced just as they were,” Townsend said.

He said the school has considered relocating the bricks to the new high school, “but if that is an issue, we’ll put them back where they were.”

Schuring said she’s frustrated in what she sees as a waste of money.

“I paid money to have those bricks placed there, and now my tax money is being used to remove them, and then my tax money will be used to remake the bricks and put them at the new high school,” Schuring said.

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