Boy injured in lawn mower accident

By Brandon Evans | Published Saturday, March 24, 2012

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CRITICAL LIFTOFF - Medics wheel a 4-year-old boy critically injured in a lawn mower accident to a CareFlite helicopter waiting to carry him to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. The boy suffered serious lacerations to his left leg and stomach. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

A 4-year-old boy was critically injured when he was run over by a riding lawn mower in an accident about noon Friday in New Fairview. He might lose his left leg.

“The boy was walking behind his grandfather as he was mowing the yard,” said Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Investigator Josh Reynolds. “As he turned the mower, he didn’t see the boy, and he ran right over him.”

When paramedics arrived, the child was conscious but trapped under the mower from the chest down. The boy had severe lacerations to his stomach and leg. Paramedics said the injuries don’t appear life threatening.

“He’s very lucky,” Reynolds said. “I’m surprised he’s not dead.”

GRIEF STRICKEN - A man was overcome with grief after he accidentally ran over his grandson with a riding lawn mower Friday afternoon in New Fairview. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

A CareFlite helicopter landed in the backyard, just yards from the red mower, and flew the child to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.

The grandfather was so distressed he could not stand after the accident. He sat on the front steps of the home and buried his head in his hands. He was mowing the lawn for someone else and had taken his grandchild along.

“He wanted to go with grandpa today,” Reynolds said.

“The grandpa is torn all to pieces,” said neighbor Mike Page.

Page was in the kitchen at the back of his house when he heard screaming outside.

“I heard a bunch of hollering,” Page said. “I looked outside, and all I saw was a man standing next to a lawn mower.”

Not sure what had happened, Page grabbed his neighbor and headed across the street. They helped the East Wise Fire Department and Wise County medics who had responded.

“We lifted up the lawn mower as they cut the clothes loose and pulled the child out from under it,” Page said. “It looked like he lost three-fourths of his leg.

“It makes me tremble,” Page added, “especially knowing it was such a young child.”

Reynolds said it appears to be an accident at this point in the investigation. As of Friday afternoon, investigators did not want to release the names of those involved.

The accident occurred outside a home located in the 300 block of Latham Lane.

3 Responses to “Boy injured in lawn mower accident”

  1. Skip Nichols says:

    They didn’t want to release the names of those involved? Really? With Texas open records law, you don’t get to make a choice.

  2. Praying for the little boy and for the Granddad.

  3. says:

    Praying for the little boy and his grandpa and his whole family


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