Laser zaps away cravings

By Erika Pedroza | Published Saturday, April 21, 2012

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BEAMS OF ELIMINATION - Donna Jones (left) and Debbie Smith focus cold, low-level laser beams on "energy points" on a stand-in patient, Amanda Moore. The sister duo will host a grand opening Monday for their joint venture - Wise Laser Therapy. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

It’s been more than three years since Donna Jones has lit a cigarette, and the Bridgeport resident credits laser therapy to helping her kick a habit of 30-plus years.

With her sister, Debbie Smith of Paradise, Jones, who also works at Patti’s in Decatur, will offer the service to area residents at Wise Laser Therapy in Paradise.

The center will celebrate its grand opening in the strip center on Texas 114 at 7 p.m. Monday. But the two have been operating out of a temporary location on Main Street since April 9.

“We were in high demand, so we opened here,” Jones said.

Cold, low-level laser beams are focused on “energy points” of the body activated to stop cravings for weight reduction and smoking cessation. Activated energy points also reduce stress.

“It’s like acupuncture but with cold lasers. You use lights instead of a needle,” Jones said. “Various points in your body do different things. By activating all those points, you don’t have cravings you normally would.”

Depending on the procedure, the energy points involved include the ear, nose, upper lip, mouth, on the arm from the elbow down and leg from the knee down. The treatment type, and the patient, also dictate how long the laser is placed on each point.

For smoking cessation, a patient undergoes three one-hour-and-a-half long treatments, one minute on each energy point. The second treatment is performed between 24 and 48 hours later while the third one is administered on an as-needed basis.

“We also do a few weight control points so the person doesn’t give up cigarettes and put food in their mouth instead,” Smith said. “It also works for spit tobacco.”

Treatments for stress reduction and weight control are once a week for four weeks and as-needed thereafter.

“In addition to the laser therapy, we also teach you to do breathing exercises that help with pressure points,” said Smith, a registered respiratory therapist. “We also encourage the patient to drink lots of water.”

Additionally, Smith offers a 24-hour hotline for any of her patients.

“If it’s 2 in the morning and they’re having cravings and they need this treatment, they can call me and I’ll do it,” she said. “We’ll do anything to keep them from relapsing.”

The sisters owned their certificate after a week-long training in Florida in February.

“January was so slow at the beauty shop, and I thought, ‘something’s gotta give.’ So I brought up the idea of starting this up, and she just ran with it,” Jones said of the venture’s beginning. “We make a good team – she picks up were I lack and I pick up where she lacks. We have grown up to support each other, and it’s neat that we’re able to come together to offer something like this.”

Wise Laser Therapy, the second of its kind in Texas, is an Anne Penman service center.

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