Youth Fair fairy tale queen

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

She moves elegant through city’s blur simulated. Tiara affixed upon golden-haired crown. A smile beams brighter than street lamps. Congratulatory blooms bristle in nervous hands.

Like a fairy tale, her night of pristine princess-like pampering comes to an end sometime after midnight. The rest of the week is spent among chicken poop, mucked-up boots and dirt-floored stalls crammed metal wall to metal wall full of little farmers and their livestock. It’s a juxtaposition stark as life itself.

Our roaming photographer caught this image close to home. In 2008 Amanda Williams of Boyd was named the 2008 FCCLA Wise County Youth Fair Queen in the Decatur Civic Center. When creating a 2-D image you must always separate the subject from the background. This was accomplished with a zoom blur. Set on a slow shutter speed, he turned the lens ring as he shot. An off-camera flash hitting the subject made her stand out from the blurry background.

It added even more magic to a lasting moment, a little more effect to the memory. And like a famous fairy tale, after moments of elation and memory in the ballroom we must return to a world of toil. But it’s the toil that makes the moments in the spotlight all the more worthwhile.

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