The treasured automobile

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“Cars aren’t merely modes of transit or material possessions to Texans; they are something of a state treasure. We share a special, almost religious attachment to the automobile, rooted, I suppose, in our mythological relationship to the horse, our economic underpinnings in the oil industry, and the inescapable fact that to get anywhere in this state, you have to cover a lot of ground.”
– Jim Atkinson

The automobile reflects the idea of America and Americans better than fireworks or barbecues. Freedom, sprawl, ingenuity, violence, independence, adventure, excess and pride tie into the relationship between man and car in America.

Our landscapes are designed around the car. Drive-throughs, drive-ins, parking decks, parking lots, highways and suburbia are automobile-induced creations.

A black 2006 Chevy Corvette provides a surface like a sleek ebony pool. It absorbs and reflects the immediate environment. A line of buildings on the Decatur Square fills the space on the bumper. The courthouse rises divided on the hood, giving an instant sense of place. And an automotive enthusiast provides the action of the photograph. He is captured taking a phone photo of another automobile.

Our roaming photographer captured this image last month at Cruisin’ Days on the Square. A staple of the summer in Wise, he looked to the double reflection to provide a unique shot.

The automobile reflects America. It represents opportunity and endless possibilities.

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