The last flame

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Messenger photo by Joe Duty

A single spark starts a prairie fire.

Rolling brittle land, dense with dried brush and scrub, continues to exist in the midst of water poverty. Scrawny cedars, flammable as matchsticks, stand guard like angry, thin, starved men ripe to burst with fiery orange-red rage.

Then, almost impossibly, a storm appears in the sky in an instant like a thought. Lightning crackles like energy across a synapse. It just takes one to touch down and make contact with an environment that is ready. The fire spreads like an idea. And not some pop culture consumption notion, but one that harkens a change in a manner of living. One that signals revolutionary return.

But somehow it’s always stopped. Barriers abound. An innate fear prevents full fruition.

Our roaming photographer caught this solitary flicker burning right through a fence. A solitary thought attempting to persist in an embattled wild prairie fire in the heart of the Grasslands, symbolizing how a single spark can spark a revolution, a new day of prosperity; if it’s allowed to flourish.

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