Sunny days ahead

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”
– Michael Jordan

Water droplets shoot, piercing like needles at the leaves as if they are targets. With the cold stinging sprinkles, the leaves feel like dying. Unable to bob and weave, they start to damage. The light streams down from the sorrowful sky, singing the tips of the leaves with pain. Depressed from the stains, they begin to weep, tears streaming off their tips.

In drenched gloom, they sway clinging to branches, to life. Even though the water continues to douse the yellowing leaves, after it stops, they will flourish.

Sometimes you feel like you’re a tiny, helpless leaf drowning by unforgiving forces of a sprinkler. Life is always a rigorous task. When things don’t go well, it seems like strenuous times attack from everywhere.

Remember you are not the only one going through it. The sun will come out again.

– Mrs. Edwards’ 7th grade English 8th period class

Last fall, Alvord Middle School teacher Sonja Edwards began using “Inside the Frame” as a learning tool for her seventh grade English classes.

The state of Texas is incorporating an assignment in the upcoming STAAR tests that closely resembles what Joe and I do every week for “Inside the Frame.” The test provides a picture, and the students are expected to write a page describing it. Edwards gave her students some samples, but “they didn’t know how to get started,” she said.

She then noticed an “Inside the Frame” and thought it might help her students with the STAAR test. She started discussing them with her students. It soon helped them with descriptive writing, vocabulary and finding deeper meanings in images and in their writing.

I was beyond flattered once I found out she was using our work in her classrooms. We were invited to discuss the project with her classes. In turn, we gave her students a chance to write their own “Inside the Frames” for publication. This is the first of three they submitted. After reading their impressive submissions, I’ve become nervous for my job.

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