Running against time

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“Talk to me not of time and place; I owe I’m happy to the chase.”
– William Shakespeare

Broken records don’t skip. They run.

A shadow of preparation crosses a chalk-colored line. Weathered shoes aerate. Athletes train for goals they might never meet, for a race against themselves that never ends.

To be human is to be an athlete it’s just that some of us forget to train. Our body’s been chiseled by eons of evolution in the wide wilderness of the world. Racing down antelopes on the prairie. Foraging through forests. Bodies born to run. Born to build empires on sandy shores destined to disappear beneath the tide of time.

The runner is never satisfied. Eyes, limbs, pounding heart rate remain trained ahead, ever striving for more. There’s always a new time to set, always an old record to break.

Our roaming photographer captured the image last week at Northwest High School in Justin as athletes were training for a 5A Regional track meet.

The photograph keeps you looking for more. A disembodied leg, a nearby shadow. Just like the runner, it compels the viewer to seek more. It’s never complete.

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