Bridge over puddled waters

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Cracked spare lumber crosses a deluge. A sole gets exposed as it traverses the makeshift bridge. Booted footfalls heavy as rain sink the board slightly, sending ripples across muddy waters.

Overnight a drought transforms into a deluge. Dust mingles with rising water, creating new obstacles. A moat appears before a castle is complete. The unexpected must be overcome. Business as usual is handling the unusual in an ever-changing world. Things are rarely by the book. Evolution takes an eon, but reaction and adaptation must come quick.

Our roaming photographer captured this image after a heavy rain at the site of the new Weatherford College Wise County Campus. The school is under construction between Bridgeport and Decatur on U.S. 380.

Technically, the shot was simple, a point and click procedure. The skill came in reacting and adapting.

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