Drug arrests in Decatur

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Three suspected methamphetamine dealers from the Dallas area were arrested in Decatur Tuesday afternoon as part of an undercover narcotics investigation. The suspects were arrested at the Roadies Shell station on U.S. 380. Approximately 85 grams of suspected methamphetamine valued at $8,500, 5 grams of suspected cocaine valued at $500 and 5 grams of marijuana were located during the search. Marco Antonio Ortiz of Duncanville, Jimmy Deluna of Dallas and Ricardo Delarosa of Cedar Hill were all charged with conspiracy to manufacture/deliver a controlled substance 4-200 grams with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance 4-200 grams and possession of marijuana under 2 ounces. The suspects were taken to the Wise County Jail and bonds were set at $105,000.The arrests were the result of a lengthy investigation that included undercover work and surveillance. The suspects had allegedly been delivering crystal meth to dealers in Wise County for years. The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Decatur Police Department assisted in the arrests.

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5 Responses to “Drug arrests in Decatur”

  1. Rusty White says:

    So how many tax dollars were spent on this ” long investigation “? Is it not true these three arrests means there are 3 job openings, correct? In reality the opening were probably filled before these three were in a jail cell.

    ” IF ” we have been on the right path with this war on drugs, why are we still hearing about these ” major busts ” over and over? After 40+ years and over a “trillion ” tax dollars later while having more people behind bars than any other country on earth. Which we the tax payers have to pay for as well! Not only them but we the tax payer get to pay for their families while their in jail.

    ” IF ” we have been on the right path would not common sense, logic, truth and reality dictate the need for more tax dollars, resources, courts, jail etc as well as all the harming being done… should all be going down ” NOT ” up year after year, RIGHT???

    Sadly while other countries around the world are trying new ideas and having great success, we continue down the wrong path, WHY? If common sense, logic, truth and reality can not justify or be used to support this war on drugs, why should we the tax payers be “forced “to?

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it! http://www.leap.cc

  2. Lisa Peyton says:

    Thank you to all Law Enforcement involved! You should be Proud of what you accomplished today. Again, thank you!

  3. Rusty White says:

    While it is a good thing these Brothers and Sisters completed this task, and are to be commended for doing so. That does NOT answer the questions we face today, does it? I myself have several letters of commendation, that did NOT change the realities of the real world we live in, FACT! For 40+ years we have been hearing about these big busts and you know what we are still hearing about them, are we not?

    Some where some time we must accept the realities we are living with and in! Or we will be doomed to feed our young to this same disgusting reality over and over, when does the madness end???
    Speaker http://www.leap.cc

  4. As long as ther is a market for these illicit “feel good ” drugs we will have a problem. Our officers are out numbered and out gunned. These outlaws are in it for the money, fun, sex and prestige. By taking these three guys off the street broke at least on of the chains link. Burglary, theft, murder, child abuse and no telling what other unhealthy activities were involved in order to get the finished product to the consumer. Personally,I don’t want them back on the streets. When will the madness end? When you see my Savior light up the eastern sky. Until then: officers you did a great and thankless job. Keep up the good work. For our sakes! Robert Van Fleet


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