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Alvord Elementary School 4th Grade School Supply List

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Label all supplies with child’s name
No Trapper Keepers
4 boxes Kleenex
2 rolls paper towels
3 packages No. 2 pencils
1 box crayons (16 count)
4 large or 8 small Elmer’s glue sticks
1 box markers (10 count, classic colors)
1 box colored pencils (12 count)
1 package wide-ruled notebook paper
1 folder with brads and pockets
4 large pink erasers
1 package red pens
1 box sandwich bags
3 packages 3×5 index cards
1 pair pointed scissors
1 ruler (standard and metric)
1 plastic shoe box with lid
1 plastic 5-tab expandable file

1 package 9×12 construction paper

1 package 12×18 construction paper

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