White disappoints taxpayer

By Tracy Smith | Published Sunday, February 6, 2011

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I’ve lived and voted in Wise County Precinct 1 for almost 18 years. In these years, I’ve dealt with most of the various elected officials that represented me.

In all of my dealings with elected officials, only two have ever outright lied to me, and all but one has been respectful when we spoke. My present county commissioner, Danny White, is the one politician guilty of both of the infractions I mentioned.

Last spring, I called Mr. White and asked point blank, “When is my County Road 2625 scheduled for paving?” Mr. White responded, “The spring of 2011.” I was very relieved when I heard him tell me that.

My vehicle was wearing out way before its time, as several have done in the past, but I knew I could hold on until then to replace it. With various repairs, I could push it to its limits. I looked forward to the days when I could travel down my road without the fear of my vehicle dying because the battery cables had worked their way free from literally vibrating loose as I traveled up and down my county road. I thought to myself, “gone would be the days of having to air up my tires every day because of stone bruises and potholes and oversize chunk rock.” Apparently, I was wrong!

A few days ago, after another frustrating, rough county road day, my husband contacted Danny White for an update on the schedule for paving and was told, “I got beat up pretty bad on my budget, and it’s just not gonna happen this year. I can’t guarantee it next year either.”

My husband responded, “There sure are going to be a lot of disappointed people.” To which Danny White responded in a typical political fashion, “I don’t believe I ever promised anything. I know I didn’t use the word promise.”

OK, Mr. White, you never “promised,” I’ll give you that, but what do you have to say about your lack of advocacy skills for the taxpayers of Precinct 1? After the long years of paying taxes, that have increased annually without any return, I’m tired of waiting.

Traditionally, voters of Precinct 1 have little patience for a non-productive county commissioner, and they show it at the polls. I think White needs to start looking for a new job, and Precinct 1 constituents need a better advocate who’ll fight for the budget money needed to take care of us. In the meantime, there will be no more apathy, and we’ll be watching you Mr. White!

I might also add that it’s kind of strange that the only three-mile section of our county road that hasn’t been paved yet, is the three-mile section where the residents live that supported your opponent in the last election almost unanimously and where your former opponent himself resides. Could this be a dirty type of political payback, Mr. White?

Tracy Smith

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