Repeal the 14th amendment

By Jacob Shuman | Published Sunday, January 9, 2011

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It is very important that we think about the issue of repealing the 14th amendment due to prior conflict with it.

The 14th amendment states that every person who is born in the United States becomes a U.S. citizen. This amendment was made in order to keep children of slaves in the U.S. If this was not to happen, the government would try to send them to the country their parents were native to.

When such happened, that country would deny their right to be citizens because they had not been born there. This means the child would not belong to any country.

Recently, this has become an issue in our country regarding illegal immigrants.

The amendment should be changed rather than repealed as many citizens of our country believe. The amendment should change in order to end the right for an illegal immigrant to simply come to the Americas, have a child and automatically become a citizen so easily.

Oftentimes, the child’s parents will be allowed to stay in order to raise their child. This means that they will not be paying taxes that the U.S. citizens pay in order to fund things such as education and health care, virtually meaning these people get it for free.

Do they deserve to be treated better than taxpayers? You tell me.

Jacob Shuman

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