Permit fees excessive

By Jim Hodges | Published Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Do we have too much government in our lives?

Recently my 81-year-old mother-in-law who lives in the city of Decatur had to replace her air conditioner. She used a certified Wise County air conditioning company to replace the unit. One of the charges to replace the unit was a city of Decatur permit fee of $63. This also required a city inspector to approve the installation, even though a certified installer was used.

Is this an efficient use of our tax dollars? What is the reason for this fee? Is it a tax for normal maintenance of a home? Why charge someone for replacing an air conditioner that is leaking Freon into the ozone? Does the city of Decatur need to generate revenue outside of property taxes?

I am not sure it is relevant that my mother-in-law is on Social Security, and she had to use her savings to pay this fee/tax. This fee/tax is just wrong and is a prime example of too much government in our lives. Thanks, citizens of Decatur. I am glad I live elsewhere.

Jim Hodges

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