City ordinances not enforced

By Gerald Upchurch | Published Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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This is in reply to the letters sent in by Lou Moran and Joe Max Wilson in the Dec. 17 issue.

Mr. Moran, you say the city has laws and ordinances. I agree, but they are not enforced. And what right does it give the city attorney to call me on something I wrote in a complaint to go to court on? The city has not set a court date and said it would be after the first of the year before one would be set. This was back on Nov. 7.

He let me know the guy with the dogs would not be getting rid of the dogs that howl 24/7, and he was also told this by the city’s part-time code enforcer. I thought this was up to the judge. As a citizen of this fine city, what are my rights? None, as I see it.

Mr. Wilson, the complaints that I have turned in are on the neighbor (not neighbors) about the (pets, as you call them) howling dogs that are kept in dirty, trashy and bad-smelling dog pens. As you said, Wise County Animal Control, the Wise County sheriff’s deputies that work with New Fairview and the inspectors that work part-time with New Fairview can’t find actions or evidence to back up my complaints against my neighbor. Maybe you and Mr. Moran should take a five-minute drive by this place with the dogs as these other law-obeying people do. These dogs howl (not bark) 24/7. And this is my home, and I should have the same rights as the neighbors and their pets, as you call them. I am sure you or Mr. Moran or other law-obeying people would not want to be woke up three or four times a night by these howling dogs.

There will be peace on my street and in the neighborhood when you can get someone to enforce the laws and ordinances.

Gerald Upchurch
New Fairview

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