Priceless panorama

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Inside the Frame

Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Rays beam like angelic trumpets raised, blaring hymns only heard by the quiet and observant.

Tent tops raise like parabola sails. Three ships en route to new lands via the setting sun’s skyline.

With the right angle, and a curious eye, serene scenes appear where you might least expect them. Our roaming photographer found the shot in the parking lot of the Decatur Walmart. The natural lines, shapes and colors of the sky, contrasted, but also blended, with the big top tent sprawled in the parking lot. The electric lamplight on the left helps betray the location.

Look at the celestial ceiling. Is one found more glorious inside any house? The earth is my home. Our home. No private enterprise, endeavor or engineering trumps the natural world. It is the beginning and end of knowledge. And it’s always playing silently for the quiet and observant.

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