Limitless possibilities of the new year

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Inside the Frame

The sky darkens deep blue as the fireball sets.

Clustered clouds scatter like matter dispersing from the Big Bang.

New worlds and limitless possibilities stretch from horizon to horizon.

A figure framed by black signs sits perched like a bird with a view of the infinite.

The earth progresses around the sun into a new year. Anticipation of the unknown lingers like fog.

Our roaming photographer caught this shot close to home last year as a fan waited for the action to start at the Wise County Sheriff’s Posse rodeo grounds.

The balance of light and dark made it a simple photograph to take. An f-stop set at f/22 made the clouds sharp.

A second silhouette in the entranceway served to blot out some of the natural light spilling from the sun.

The shot elicits a question.

Does the shadowy figure remain a passive observer or eventually decide to step into the arena?

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