Left behind

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

What we throw away tells as much about ourselves as what we choose to keep.

Water bottles, beer bottles, crisp corn husks, gnawed yellow corn cobs and gnashed watermelon rinds erupt like Mount Vesuvius from a trash bin. A collection of moments held teetering. Reverse the flow of time and see napkins smear stains on faces, upturned bottles replenish with bubbling brew, kernels repaired and reattached, and watermelons growing like red and green balloons in the hands of hungry children.

Our roaming photographer captured this image at Alvord’s Watermelon Festival last weekend. The event attracted a large crowd. The gathering of souls and the succulent, fleshy fruit red as an internal organ generated crowds and maybe even storms in the sky. The stuffed trash cans tell of the festival’s success.

Peer into your own littered past. The people, places and things you’ve left behind help to tell the story of your life as much as what you’ve held on to.

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