Inside the Frame

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

A pair of rowers skim the surface like celestial travelers pushing across a watery cosmos.

In such a serene scene, it’s difficult to understand the amount of preparation the pair put into this recent two-day race in Oklahoma City.

Our photographer captured this image one morning along the North Canadian River. The shot was taken almost a half-mile away from the rowers. Our photographer used a 600-millimeter lens to pull the subjects in close enough to be recognizable. But the distance was needed to pull in levels of water, bridge and land.

The light was too harsh during most of the race. Only early morning rays worked. Posted up early in the distance, shutter clicks echoed across tranquil efforts.

Just skimming the surface, it’s difficult to understand how much planning goes into a single photograph.

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