House disappears, but home remains

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Inside the Frame

Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“There is in hell a place stone-built throughout … of an iron hue, like to the wall that circles it about.” – Dante’s “Inferno”

Steel blue and gray smoke settles like wispy specters sitting down to dine at a table nestled in one of hell’s layers. Ripe flames orange as tangerines leap from charred edges of still standing stone walls. Sorrowful abandon shrouds the perimeter like a dry cloud. Total loss echoes with each crackling ember. Countless experiences captured in board, nail, tile, fabric, wall and door released in ash and smoke. Now destined to settle into scorched earth or drift across drought-stricken, Lazarus-like prairie.

Our roaming photographer captured destruction’s creation at a house fire north of Boyd last Sunday. The smoking remnants symbolize sorrow and emptiness. A house made home through family and friends transformed in moments into a reality suitable only for memory’s ghost.

But the idea of home looms bigger than brick and mortar. It’s where our hearts find refuge.

Despite the hell on earth that fate sometimes throws our way, heaven and home can always be found within the ones we love.

One Response to “House disappears, but home remains”

  1. Gina Rebich says:

    Mesmerized – my eyes view the destruction through the lens of a photographer who obviously felt the pain, the loss and yet captured the essence of memories past as they lifted themselves from the ashes. Impressive. Your newspaper and your community are enriched to have such a photographer and writer on staff. I’ve read and re-read the script. It is rare that a fire photo and script enflames the heart to leap for a deeper connection to all humanity and less to the acquisitions that surround us.


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