Flowers of the field

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, March 3, 2011

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An Indian paintbrush burst betwixt pink toes like sparks from a prairie fire. Red petals leap like cool sparks connecting earth and sky to free spirits.

As winter wanes to a silent close, spring answers with a jubilee. Petals parade, green marches over all, and a host of birds hearken the season of renewal. The cycles shift. The planet absorbs the cold rot and decay of prior seasons, re-circulated like ancient wisdom passed on by mutes.

Darkness gives way to light. And a time of renewal sets landscapes and souls afire.

Several springtimes ago, our roaming photographer transformed a standard set of portraits in a pasture into pure poetry.

A super wide-angle lens allows the flowers to appear sharp and still include an out-of-focus secondary subject in the background. He turned the idea of a girl with flowers in her hair on its head, instead placing the flowers in her feet. A new season provides an opportunity for a fresh perspective.

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