Concrete canvas

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Paint fades. Asphalt crinkles. Bright-colored, temporary dashes and stats outline information important to engineers, foremen, men and women on the expanding gridwork. Manholes reveal another world rushing beneath the non-stop parade up top.

Maintaining infrastructure in the greatest city on earth requires constant work. Attention to detail must be balanced by a look at the overall situation.

Our roaming photographer found this shot in New York City last week after connecting with some of the myriad personalities found drifting through the city like an eternal, massive presence, individual but connected.

The photo was taken from the High Line. It’s a former elevated section of a freight railroad that was transformed into an aerial park that runs a mile long above the teeming masses below. It runs through the west side of the borough of Manhattan above the former Meatpacking District.

The work of a journalist must peer into the up close, the personal, and then pull the zoom lens out, displaying a panorama of the larger world that never sleeps.

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