Friend of foul

By Paulette Layfield | Published Sunday, September 19, 2010

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We found a cattle egret in our yard. Its wing was wounded from being shot.

I may be jumping the gun (pun intended), but I can’t help but think this was some dove-hunter-wannabe who took a pot shot at a bird that was a much larger and an easier target to hit.

We didn’t know what to do or how to care for it, so at the suggestion of my husband, I called Chris Dowdy, Wise County game warden. Chris asked several questions about its condition and told me what to do.

The next morning, he stopped by our house, picked up the bird and took it to a veterinarian who treats wildlife. I know Chris had plenty to do, and I’m sure tending to this hurt creature added to his already busy schedule but nevertheless, he offered his help and services.

I have plenty of friends who are what I call “real” hunters. They kill only what they will eat, and they hunt safely and responsibly. The person who did this was neither safe nor responsible and certainly shouldn’t have a gun.

The next time it could be livestock, or someone’s pet, or heaven forbid.

Keep up the good work, Chris. And stay safe out there.

Paulette Layfield
New Fairview

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