Don’t dump dogs

By Susan Jones | Published Sunday, August 22, 2010

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To the people who dropped off a beautiful black and white dog north of Alvord on County Road 2898: he is still waiting for you to return. Do you understand that a dog cannot fend for himself like a cat can? He has no way of getting water and has no food, and you bring him out to the country and hope that someone will pick him up. Well, guess what? He is still at the same spot that you dropped him off.

I take him food and water, but I can’t take the dog home. I have my own pets that I have had spayed, neutered and vaccinated. He is at a spot where he could easily get run over. Why didn’t you take him to the shelter? Trashy people throw trash, and when you dump animals, you remind me of trashy people.

Susan Jones

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