Bush Derangement Syndrome still afflicts

By | Published Thursday, July 1, 2010

Facts and the truth are pretty annoying to most of the left wing Socialist Progressives.

First, someone needs to tell these folks that George Bush is not the current president of the United States. Continuing to blame Bush for nearly everything that is wrong in their world is not only na ve, but just plain silly at this point. Did president Bush make mistakes? Yes. Did he forget his conservative background and allow liberal socialist progressives to have their way when Democrats took over control of the House and Senate? Yes, guilty. Did he allow Democrats to begin the spending craze that has made the United States the greatest debtor country in the world? Yes, guilty.

But let’s take a look at the BP situation, Mr. Hughes’ most recent diatribe, for example. Certainly over the past years Mr. Hughes has shown all the symptoms of BDS. However, facts and the truth never got in the way of his opinions so let’s set the record straight. BP was granted a waiver for the Deepwater Horizon of many safety standards by the Obama administration. BP was named as a recipient of a special safety award by the Obama administration, which was going to be presented to them by the Obama administration two weeks after the disastrous accident on the Deepwater Horizon. During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.

The government oversight group was asleep at the wheel during inspections of the Deepwater Horizon. This was during the Obama administration.

So, Mr. Hughes and other socialist progressives get over your BDS and try for once to gain a grip on reality and the truth.

Jim Joling

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