Man shot dead by brother-in-law

By Brandon Evans | Published Thursday, November 11, 2010

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A man was shot dead by his brother-in-law just after midnight Sunday at a mobile home in New Fairview.

Marcus Lee Little, 50, was shot multiple times in the head after he allegedly broke into a home located in the 4600 block of Farm Road 2264 in southeastern Wise County.

According to Sheriff David Walker, Little confronted his ex-girlfriend, Cindy Chapman, in the home. He was looking for the man he believed she is now dating.

Occupants of the home told officers that Little “had a knife and a gun,” and he was making threats.

Walker said Dennis Mosley, 56, who is Little’s brother-in-law, shot Little. No arrests have been made yet because the shooting appeared to be self-defense.

“Basically, he entered the home, had some sort of argument and was shot by the homeowner,” said Ashleigh Portales, crime-scene investigator with the Wise County Sheriff’s Department. “We’re unsure of all the details. This is all still under investigation.”

The sheriff’s department received the call at approximately 12:50 Sunday morning. When they arrived, they found Little lying dead inside the home.

Until several weeks ago, Little lived at the home with his sister Rebecca Mosley, his brother-in-law, Chapman, and his mother.

Mrs. Mosley said she kicked Little out of the house several weeks ago because he was physically abusing Chapman on a regular basis. She also said he was extremely jealous, paranoid and regularly used “ice,” aka methamphetamine.

Chapman said Little thought she was dating someone else.

“He would stalk me,” Chapman said. “He would sit and watch outside the back door where I work.”

They had been together for three years before splitting up several weeks ago. He had come by a week or so earlier and made threats. She said she had not been dating anybody else.

Chapman and Mosley told the Messenger that Little used a large hunting knife to “jimmy” his way past the sliding glass door.

“I woke up and his hand was on my head,” Chapman said.

It was around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. After several minutes, Chapman said she dashed down the hallway to Mosley’s bedroom.

“I heard her running down the hallway screaming bloody murder,” Mrs. Mosley said.

Little entered Mosley’s bedroom at that time and grabbed her husband’s loaded .22 caliber pistol. He then directed them all into the dining room.

“He said he was going to kill me,” Mrs. Mosley said. “And he kept looking for someone.”

Then the family pet got involved.

“My little dog started barking and wouldn’t stop,” Mrs. Mosley said. “My husband kept yelling at it to be quiet.”

According to all witnesses, Mr. Mosley scooped up the barking Chihuahua named Sandy and tossed it into the bedroom. While in the bedroom, he grabbed a loaded derringer, re-entered the dining room and shot Little.

“My husband had one chance and one chance only,” Mrs. Mosley said. “If he hadn’t done it, we would all be dead.”

She said her husband is a “quiet, little man” who just minds his own business and likes to watch the History Channel. She never expected such a horrible event to unfold.

She added that her brother had been in and out of prison most of his adult life and had abused drugs for years.

“In all the years and all the trauma we’ve gone through with (my brother), I never in the world thought it would come to my husband having to shoot him,” Mrs. Mosley said.

“Hopefully, after it’s all said and done, we can redo the dining room,” she added.

Chapman, through tears, said she is having a tough time dealing with Little’s death.

“I loved him,” she said.

Little’s body was sent to the Dallas County medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. Texas Ranger Jim Holland is assisting with the investigation.

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