Fire consumes vacant mobile home

By Brandon Evans | Published Thursday, May 27, 2010

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A fire destroyed a mobile home in the 100 block of Brighton Oaks Drive Monday afternoon in southern Wise County.

Boyd, Rhome and Newark fire departments responded, but the home burned quickly in the afternoon heat.

A man was burning brush on his family’s property when the fire skipped to a trailer home several feet away. The home was uninhabited, and no one was injured.

“My son put some livestock in here and was trying to burn some brush,” said Tim Bradberry, who owns the property. “He walked away for a minute, and all of a sudden flames were coming out of the home.”

His son, Jimmy Lee Bradberry, uses the land to raise a pair of Berkshire pigs. His daughter plans to show them in the next Houston Livestock Show. He said he was clearing a little more land on the five acres so he could put horses there as well. The resulting structure fire was accidental. The fire had been logged with the county.

In a nearby pen, the pigs wallowed in the mud and shade as the mobile home burned to the ground.

Tim Bradberry didn’t appear sad about the loss either. The mobile home wasn’t even his. He rented the space out several years to tenants who brought the trailer in. Two years ago they simply abandoned it, and he’s been trying to get rid of it.

Since it’s been abandoned he’s had problem with people breaking into the home.

“I thought I had a guy who wanted to take it out of here, but I doubt he’s going to want it now,” he said.

Despite the home being surrounded by post oaks on two sides, volunteer firefighters worked during the hottest afternoon of the year so far and kept the flames from spreading into the adjacent woods.

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