4-H Food Show winners

By Tanya Davis | Published Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Thirty Wise County 4-H members representing Decatur, Bridgeport, Chico, Slidell and Boyd 4-H Clubs vied for top honors at the 2010 Wise County 4-H Food Show held Saturday, Oct. 23, at the First Baptist Church in Decatur.

First place winners in each age division and class will advance to the Rolling Plains District 4-H Food Show.

Top winners for Wise County are:
Clover Kids: Kooper Martin, Chico 4-H; and Cale Laaser, Decatur 4-H.

Junior Division
Nutritious Snack – Lauryn Luttrull, 1st place, Decatur 4-H; Kobey Dearing, 2nd place, Bridgeport 4-H; and Sydney Keating, 3rd place, Slidell 4-H.
Fruit and Vegetable – Reagan Harvey, 1st place, Decatur 4-H; and Michaela Martin, 2nd place, Chico 4-H.
Main Dish – Katelyn Lanfear, 1st place, Bridgeport 4-H; Lindsey Pena, 2nd place, Decatur 4-H; and Aaron Diaczenko, 3rd place, Decatur 4-H.
Dessert – Bailey Keating, 1st place, Slidell 4-H; and Madison Splawn, 2nd place, Slidell 4-H.

Intermediate Division
Nutritious Snack – Fallon Sachse, 1st place, Decatur 4-H; and Shelby Vanover, 2nd place, Slidell 4-H.
Bread and Cereal – Caitlin Pruett, 1st place, Slidell 4-H; Sarah Jennings, 2nd place, Boyd 4-H; and Joely Diaczenko, 3rd place, Decatur 4-H.
Fruit and Vegetable – Thaine Laaser, 1st place, Decatur 4-H; Morgan Barnes, 2nd place, Slidell 4-H; and Emily Egle, 3rd place, Chico 4-H.
Main Dish – Ty Watson, 1st place, Decatur 4-H; and Michaela Cross, 2nd place, Chico 4-H.
Dessert – Lyndi Luttrull, 1st place, Decatur 4-H; Morgan Williams, 2nd place, Chico 4-H; Haylee Barksdale, 3rd place, Chico 4-H; and Randi Taylor, 4th place, Chico 4-H.

Senior Division
Nutritious Snack – Christian Cross, 1st place, Chico 4-H; and Marisol Millan, 2nd place, Slidell 4-H.
Fruit and Vegetable – Jodie Wells, 1st place, Slidell 4-H.
Main Dish – Logan Moore, 1st place, Boyd 4-H.

Michaela Cross – Teen Nutrition

4-H’ers participated in an interview process by adult volunteer judges. The 4-H’ers explained the importance of foods from each of the basic food groups of MyPyramid, how they prepared their dish, principles of nutrition, food safety issues, leadership, community service and food and nutrition project activities. This year’s judges included Sam Dunlap, Joyce Miller, Stacy Daniel, Anna Fortenberry and Shelly Laaser.

Serving as volunteer superintendents and helpers were John Moore, Cindy Wells, Lisa Luttrull and Laurie Washburn.

Cookbooks containing all recipes prepared for the County 4-H Food Show are on sale for only $5 at Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Wise County office, 206 S. State Street, Suite A in Decatur.

Facilities were courtesy of the First Baptist Church in Decatur with special awards provided to all entrants and top winners courtesy of Mahatma Rice and Schedcik Custom Homes.

4-H is open to all youth currently enrolled in third grade through age 18 regardless of race, color, sex, religion, socio-economic level, disability or national origin. For additional information about joining 4-H, call the Extension office at (940) 627-3341.

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