Summer is fading

By Joe Duty | Published Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Hints of summer persist as the slow rust of fall fades into view.

Behind a tangled, barbed-wire barrier, hills rise and dip in a pasture pocked with post and jack oaks. An array of cars seldom seen now on roadways stand stoic and scattered among waving grasses. Weeds and elements break them down, bringing materials crafted in the inferno of industry softly back to dirt.

A 1940s Pontiac feels the effects of time and abandonment. Civilization recedes into the wild, slowly pulled beneath the surface by an endless and circular churning of seasons. A crystal sky leans to a darker blue as summer recedes.

Our roaming photographer spotted this gem while on assignment in Briar. Eventually, the might and hubris of industry crumbles and fades before earth’s offering of modest, yellow flowers.

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