First day through a child’s eyes

By Joe Duty | Published

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Bright, innocent eyes peer into shaded regions.

What mysteries might lie beneath the standard, stained particle board top and cold, black metal frame? What hides behind common exteriors?

The fresh student explores angles and aspects of his environment seldom pondered by the jaded, assuming eyes of adulthood. Life offers youth new experiences at every turn. Childhood curiosity overwhelms.

A good photographer must possess the same wonderment – the belief that life can always produce something fresh, unexpected, out of the ordinary.

Our roaming photographer regularly lays on his belly, climbs into an air machine, peers around odd-angled corner and stumbles into uncomfortable environs to find and capture the new and the fresh.

Grant Wagoner, 6, searched beyond the book during his first day at Carson Elementary in Decatur last Monday. Our photographer zoomed beyond the traditional frame.

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