Autograph collectors won’t have to go far

By Kristen Tribe | Published Thursday, August 26, 2010

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I’ve never really collected anything. I’ve always wanted to, but I just couldn’t seem to commit to any one item.

I like a lot of things, so I always had this internal struggle. I never could decide “what” to collect.

I’ll never forget the time my mom suggested I collect souvenir spoons. You know, those little bitty ones that have tiny pictures or engravings on them. I think I have one, which is possibly more useless than a whole collection of them.

Looking back, maybe I was forcing the issue because like so many other things in life, once I quit thinking about it, a collection naturally developed.

Readers may recall this discussion from my blog, Shelf Space, where I outlined the virtues of my signed book collection, albeit small. Although few in number, each book is special to me for the memories I have associated with that book or meeting that particular author.

I mentioned in the post that my most treasured signed book is Elmer Kelton’s “The Time It Never Rained.” Just last month, I had the privilege of hearing Mark Bowden, best-known for writing “Black Hawk Down,” speak, and I got him to autograph a copy of the book for my husband.

Usually my book-signing adventures require a trip across the county line, but fellow bibliophiles will have the opportunity to meet an author at a local book-signing next month.

Jill Greenwell, of Decatur, will be signing copies of “The Adventures of Giji the Giraffe: The Beginning ‘Who Am I?'” 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 9, at Memory Lane on the Square in Decatur.

Known as “Mo Cookie” to her granddaughters, Greenwell described the book as “a Christian character-building book.” In the story, little Giji, a young giraffe, learns how to love God, give Him the glory and how to love, trust and accept others.

“God’s done so much for me, and I want to give back. As long as He gets all the glory, that’s my goal in life,” Greenwell said. The author is donating most of the profits to purchase Bibles for missionaries around the world.

Greenwell wrote the book for her granddaughters, and she said all the characters are based on people in her life. Her mother, Marie Wilson, illustrated the story, creating a family heirloom, but a book that can be treasured by all children and families.

Soft-cover books are $14, and hard-cover books are $20. You can preorder books by calling (940) 627-5521.

“The Adventures of Giji ” is the first in a series. When the second book is released, its sales will benefit a children’s charity.

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